Wednesday, January 13, 2016


As an only child, it's my nature to do things by myself and to trust the things I create. I never had the advantage of brothers and sisters, and the knowing that comes with siblings. So I never really understood that the sum of all parts could be greater than what I could ever do on my own.

You see, I'm one of those people who "gets things done" - and I find that when I include others in what I'm about, it gets too messy - especially when the thoughts and opinions of others differ from my own.

But I realize now that there is no one vision; and that, my friends, has changed everything. 

I am a person who tends to live in absolutes. If we're working with my vision then that vision is the right one - so that if we begin to work with yours and it's different than mine, I will automatically switch tracks and focus on yours. But I realize this evening that the most incredible projects are born when several voices are given opportunity to share their opinions so that all ideas can be discussed, broken apart, and turned into something new.

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